Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Imagining our data normalized seamlessly across globe

After the advent of database technology, the quantum of data generated is increasing in exponential fashion. Is all the data being generated is unique, consistent and stored securely? The answer is No. We create multiple accounts in Google, Twitter, Facebook etc and it is more or less redundant. Also it is possible that un-necessary/un-wanted information being used by various Data Analytic firms that holds several billion dollar value. Are we interested in only finding a short term marketing solution by compromising the value of data.

Imagine a world organized with people's data uniformly, consistently and securely. The advantage of this paradigm is that we can reduce disk space consumption (Environment friendly), preserve the integrity of our data (Fraud elimination), avoid entering our name/address/dob etc while requesting for a new online service (Consistent and fool-proof) and most importantly we can limit the spread of our data to malicious users.

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